Apr. 15th, 2012

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The undeniable connection between antismoking propaganda and the pharmaceutical industry -- or: ministries at the service of multinationals.

It is not a coincidence that the pharmaceutical giants pay antismoking activists all over the world to instigate hysteria and mass hatred against smokers. The goal of this marketing campaign, which involves even well-known names of international medicine, is quite clear: the smoker, frightened by the disinformation, tormented even by his kids (who get brainwashed in school), thrown out from public places and workplaces – and finally hated by society – tries to quit to conform. But, since he is told he is an “addict”, he must turn to the help of his doctor, who either sends him to a quit-smoking centre or prescribes the “therapy” directly, depending on the business arrangements made with Big Pharma. With public money, therefore, a private enterprise that is based on persecution is promoted – a persecution that goes after the very segment of the public that pays for that kind of marketing,  using “public health” to induce the people to change their behaviour through using false and biased information, to satisfy the financial needs of private colossuses.

This is the chilling reality of the Fraud of the Century and documentation from two major pharmaceutical manufacturers corroborates the mountain of evidence (not the statistical one!...) we are accumulating.


Гугль переводчик достаточно корректно переводит этот текст. Кому лень переводить, вкратце поясняю: Антитабачная истерия проплачена международными фармацевтическими компаними. Интересно, сколько получило наше Министерство здравоохранения? Я не верю, что беспрецендентные меры, которые я с полным основанием отношу к фашистским, родились в среде неангажированного чиновничества. Если кто не понимает, поясню: наши министерства существуют не для того чтобы народу внезапно стало лучше, а совершенно для других целей.

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